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More About Us

Here at California Waste Solutions, we are extremely proud of our local roots and are 100% committed to investing in the community we serve. Public-private partnerships are critical for our communities to grow and thrive and we have a personal interest in helping make the communities we serve better for those to work and live.

While we strive to support an array of local organizations and causes, CWS aims to support projects that focus on:

  • Environmental Education – We are committed to protecting our planet for generations to come. Opportunities to educate and increase environmental stewardship in communities, especially amongst young people, is of great importance to California Waste Solutions.
  • Community Engagement – Local organizations are on the ground doing the work needed to support our communities. We are committed to establishing key partnerships with local organizations to support issues of importance to the community, while also aiming to improve environmental accountability.

Organizations interested in applying for a charitable donation should submit a brief proposal to community@calwaste.com. All submissions must include:

  • Background of host organization
  • An overview of the event including date, time, location, and target audience
  • Sponsorship levels and benefits
  • Additional key sponsorships, both public and private

Your requests are reviewed on a case by case basis and we cannot guarantee that all requests will be fulfilled. Requests should be made at least 4 weeks in advance.